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Lubbock Roof Repairs And Leak Detection

We Specialize In All Phases Of Roofing, Roof Repairs, Residential and Commercial in Lubbock, Texas!

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Lubbock Roof Repair

We provide many types of roof repair services in Lubbock, Texas. Wether it is from weather damage, an accident or just wear and tear caught up we can professionally repair any size job big or small. We can also get you an estimate for your insurance claim asap.

Being a homeowner in Lubbock, TX is a living dream where you get to enjoy your own residence in this beautiful part of Texas however, it also comes with tremendous responsibility and even having to manage a number of fears. Roof leaks are one such fear, as the thought of water coming in from above and damaging your home is the kind of thing that keep you up at night.

This is especially true if you have lived in poorly maintained apartments and seen first hand what can happen. Fortunately, when you own your own home, dealing with roof leaks is a matter you get to take into your own hands, rather than being at the mercy of the property’s landlord or maintenance department.

Cost Of Roof Repairs And Leak Repair Around Lubbock, TX

But at Lubbock Roof Repair we provide solid solutions and expertise when it comes to any roofing procedure. With years and years of experience and a name you can trust we are here to help you sleep better at night and get the job done right.

Cost depends really on the size of a the repair. Some roofing repairs can be done within a few hours and only require one roofer.

Where other roofing repairs may call for multiple roofers, additional equipment and can take a full day or maybe longer.

Pricing might vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Hire A Roof Repair Company In Lubbock, TX

The first step to dealing with roof leaks is prevention. Your roof should get a visual examination every spring and fall. Either get up there yourself to go through a checklist appropriate for your kind of roof (you can find these online), or have a professional roofer stop by and take a look at things. While it is impossible to prevent all roof leaks, making sure your roof stays in top condition can dramatically cut down on the number of roof leaks that your home has.

The second step is consistently checking for roof leaks. This takes place on all floors of your home but primarily the top floor or the attic if you have one. Look for wet spots in the insulation or puddles of water on the attic floor. Roof leaks affecting the top floor often present themselves as wet spots on the ceiling or streaking water down the wall. Do not just check for such things when it is raining. Sometimes it takes hours for the water to penetrate, and in snowy areas, ice dams melting might leak into the house even on a sunny day.

Once you do find signs of a water leak, take prompt action. Clean up some of the moisture, but do not clean it up so much that the damage becomes invisible. This advice might seem counterintuitive, but you need to call out a roofing specialist and professional as soon as you can, and he or she needs to see what is going on in order to try and find the source of the leak. That is the hardest part of the process, locating the exact spot that needs fixed. Once they do, clean up the inside to your heart’s content.

Finding The Right Roof Repair Contractor In Lubbock Texas

When in search for the right repair contractors to work on your home or property make sure you ask plenty of questions before you hire them.

Many roofing companies offer emergency repair services so if you are facing a horrible leak or even hail damage these issues should be addressed immediately.

A signed contract is a must. Never let a contractor start a job whether it is small or big if he did not state n writing what the exact work they are going to perform and also how long it will take to complete the job.

There could be many reasons why you need a local roof repair roofer.

  • Hail Damage
  • Heavy Rain
  • Storms
  • Tree Damage And Destruction

Many times a qualified roofer will work with your homeowners insurance depending on the cause of damage and what type of policy you have on your home or building.

Roof Leak Detection Services Lubbock Texas

Once the leak location is identified, the actual roof patch can happen very quickly, provided it has stopped raining and the roof is mostly dry. Many professionals will refuse to go on a roof that is still wet, and for good reason.  If your looking for professional  roof repair services in Lubbock  call us today for a free estimate or just fill in the website form.

Tending to a leak promptly is critical, as water in the home can lead to mold in the house, ceiling damage, ruined insulation, and even rotted framing. Even a small leak in the roof left untreated can mean needing a whole new roof within months if the issue is not isolated.

Call us today if you need any repairs or have any questions that pertain to your roof needing some help or even an inspection to see how the situation should be fixed.

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Roof Repairs By Lubbock Roofing
Lubbock Roof Leak Detection Services

What Our Clients Are Saying

Lubbock Roof Repairs offers the best roofing service in town. A majority of other companies would try and to really use aggressive sales tactics and tell us we need a completely new roof with just a quick look and then tell us it must be replaced right a way. We called Lubbock Roof Repair and they were so professional and did a complete full roof inspection and took us by the hand and showed us the true condition of our roof and was very honest. We had much more time then many other companies had suggested we just needed a few minor repairs. I tell everyone about  company Lubbock Roof Repair they have integrity and are great for small repairs and large roofing jobs. Thank you again!

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